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Great Infographic Challenge

The Great Infographic Challenge: Practicing the Process of Information Visualization


My presentation slides (PPTX)


Presenter: Jennifer Weaver, Resource Teacher, Office of Digital Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools, @Jennzer

The project that started it all... the infographic I designed for my school district 

About me: About Me.pdf


Objective: Participants will engage in the infographic creation process in order to understand the instructional strategies, information literacy skills, and practical tools needed to translate this process into classroom practice.  



What is an Infographic? 


According to Oxford Dictionaries, an infographic is “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.”


Infographic vs. Poster:

  • A POSTER presents textual information complemented with supporting images 
  • An INFOGRAPHIC presents information as images with supporting text


Why Use Infographics in Your Classroom? 



Analyzing Infographics


  1. What are the characteristics of Infographics?

  2. How does this infographic inform, instruct, motivate, or persuade its audience?

  3. What makes this infographic less effective than, as effective as, or more effective than just words and numbers?



Click here for more analysis questions and an infographic evaluation rubric to use with your students. 


Shark Infographic Analysis Activity


Infographic describing infographics 

Copyright 2012, Hot Butter Studio,http://www.hotbutterstudio.com/#/alps/ 


Infographics Venn Diagram



Examples of Student Created Infographics:

Primary Grades: K-5 Intermediate Grades: 4-9 Upper Grades 7-12

Jackie Robinson  

New York City 

Preparing for Natural Disasters 


What is Progress? (paper infographics)

Me In Statistics (you must click on "Jazz in Statistics")

Eating Disorders 



Analyzing the Civil War

Road Safety

Science Infographics

Multiple Infographic Examples




Examples for Student Analysis Activities: 

Primary Grades: K-5  Intermediate Grades: 4-9  Upper Grades 7-12 

Choose My Plate

The World of 100

Dental Health 

Technology Use by 11/12 Year Old Boys 

The First Infographic Made by Kids

The Cost of Legos

School Food vs. Prison Food 

The Mobile Lives of College Students

The D-Day 




Seven Step Process:  Download a Seven Step Cheat Sheet!  


1. Choose Topic, Audience, and Purpose


2. Research and Select Key Facts




Can you create an Infographic on Recess?

Choose one of the infographic topics below and then choose one or two of the facts provided.  You do not need to use them all!


A Case for Recess

  • Only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day
  • Children spend more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen 
  • Obesity Then and Now:  Prevalence of obesity for children:
Ages  Early 1970's  2007-2008 
2 to 5 years  5%  10% 
6 to 11 years  4%  20% 
12 to 19 years  6%  18% 


Source:  http://www.fitness.gov/resource-center/facts-and-statistics/ 

The Hidden Dangers of Recess

Between 2001 and 2008 

  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated 40 playground-related deaths
  • The estimated annual average of emergency department-treated injuries associated with playground equipment was 223,251


Top three pieces of playground equipment associated with injury are:

  • Monkey Bars or Playground Gyms- 36%
  • Swings or Swingsets- 28%
  • Slides or Sliding boards-21% 


Source: http://www.cpsc.gov/PageFiles/108596/playground.pdf 

Favorite Recess Activities of Different Generations



  • jump rope- 40%
  • kickball- 32%
  • tag- 25%


  • tag- 36%
  • soccer- 21%
  • kickball- 20%


Source: http://www.theacorn.com/news/2001-12-13/Schools/086.html  

Additional Data Sets:
School Nutrition  
Education Spending



3. Brainstorm Visual Representation




Symbols- images that have two levels of meaning; the literal object and figurative meaning inferred by viewers.

Infographic Example: Apples symbolizing teachers


Visual Metaphors- an image that is explicitly compared to an idea based on similar qualities.

Infographic Example: An sculptor as a metaphor for a teacher shaping students


Representations- Images designed and used to display information about themselves.

Infographic Example: A illustrated representation of a teacher labeled to show their characteristics



4. Determine Infographic Type



These are my own categorization based on personal observations and several resources referenced at the bottom of this page.  Click on each type for examples.  The examples are housed in PINTEREST.  Pinterest is a free content curation and bookmarking tool.  You will need an account to view these examples for more than a minute.


Two or more topics are compared using data and information 

Timeline / Process

Information is displayed visually in some sort of chronological or consecutive order

Visual Article

A story is told through visual information and data, complete with a main idea and supporting information 


Information is displayed on a map relative to its geographic significance 

Research / Statistics

Multiple data sets are visualized in charts and graphs and displayed together in an organized way 



Information-seeking questions or descriptive statements are displayed in a series of logic paths leading to possible results


A complicated topic or opinion is visually explained by integrating information into a more easily understood analogy 

Data Visualization

A large quantity of numeric information is displayed in an artistic representation


User interaction generates or modifies an infographic; the ability for a user to scroll through or zoom in on information alone does not necessarily make the infographic interactive




5. Sketch Design


6. Create Graphics, Gather Imagery, and Assemble





Primary Grades:


Intermediate Grades:


Upper Grades:


Graphic Creation  Google Draw x x x
Windows Paint x x x
DrawIsland x x x
Wordle x x x
Tagxedo x x x
Wixie x x  
Pixie x x  
Adobe Photoshop    
Adobe Illustrator    
Microsoft Fresh Paint   x x
Corel Draw   x x




The Noun Project      x
Wikimedia Commons  
x x
US Government Images   x x
Openclipart x x x
New York Public Library Digital Gallery   x x
Charts and Graphs    

Microsoft Excel


Apple Numbers   x x
Google Sheets   x x
Chartle x x  
Create-a-Graph  x x  
Final Product                

Microsoft PowerPoint (Using PowerPoint to Create Infographics)



Microsoft Publisher  
Google Slides  
Apple Keynote  
Adobe Photoshop Elements  
Adobe Photoshop    
Adobe Illustrator    
Adobe InDesign    
Wixie (Using Wixie to create Infographics)  



7. Publish





Additional Resources:


Do you have tools, ideas, or examples to add?  Please leave me a comment!


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